2017 Junior Tournament Entry Form

Please use this form for entries to the Old College Junior Club Championships (for under-18s). Entrants must be fully paid-up members in order to enter.

Each event costs £5 to enter.

Key Dates:

Closing date for entries: Wednesday 31 May

Finals Day: Saturday 16 September (all Minis’ matches are played on Finals Day).

  • Please check the boxes next to the events that you wish to enter and total up the number of tournaments you want to enter at the bottom. Fields marked with * must be completed.
  • Yellow ball competitions

    Each player may enter up to two events.
  • Minis’ events

    Only one age group category can be entered
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 2.
  • Please Note

    If the Payment Confirmation page doesn't appear automatically and you get an error message, your entry has been submitted successfully. Please insert the following URL in your browser www.oldcollege.co.uk/junior-tournament-confirmation to go to the payment page