Old College Committees

If you need to contact a committee member, please refer to the “MEMBERS’ DIRECTORY” to find their contact details.

Old College Committees

Club Committee
Alyson Fox (Chair)
Jan Rakowicz (Vice-Chair)
Andrew Sheppard (Executive Secretary)
Jo Cheung (Treasurer)
Pamela Kuepfer (Director Membership)
David Winks (Chair of Tennis)
Simon Godfrey (Director clubhouse and Grounds)
Lorna Johnson (Member representative)
Clive Brook (Chair of Croquet)
Jimmy Gasteen (Social Secretary)

Tennis Committee
David Winks (Chair of Tennis)
Alyson Fox (Vice-Chair)
Will Skidelski (Men’s Captain)
Aruna Iyengar (Ladies’ Captain)
Sarah Walsh (Mixed Captain)
Lorna Johnson (Director Juniors)
Ben Randall (Welfare Officer)
Jane Buswell (Director Court Allocation)
Nick Robinson (Director Tournaments)
Joy Jackson (Surrey LTA Representative)

Croquet Committee
Clive Brook (Chair)
Alyson Fox (Club Chair) (Vice Chair)
Vacant (Lawn Manager)
Gill Romney (Finance)
Pearl Shaw (Catering)
Clive Brook (Competitions and matches incl.SE Federation)
Ina Pulleine (Tournaments)

Club Subcommittees

Finance Committee
Jo Cheung (Treasurer)
Anne Traynor
Robert Park
Jill Thompson
Caroline Beck – Independent Financial Examiner

Social Committee
Jimmy Gasteen (Social Secretary)
Rupe Gupta
Matt Cowie

Tennis Subcommittees

Tennis Conduct Committee
Alyson Fox
David Winks
Jill Thompson
Hillary Woof