About us

croquetWe are a very friendly Croquet club in Gallery Road, Dulwich, near the Dulwich Gallery and a short walk from Dulwich Village. We are part of the Old College Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, which has 7 Tennis courts and one Croquet lawn.

Our membership is typical of many Croquet clubs around the country as to age, gender, background and competitive inclination and ability. Old College seeks to cater for all adults and welcomes new members. Please see Prospective Members.

About croquet

Croquet is a most enjoyable game providing exercise for mind and body. Our aim is to provide a pleasant sporting environment combining a social atmosphere with an appropriate level of friendly competition.

We play Golf Croquet only, which is easier to learn and more sociable than the Association game. No prior experience is necessary.

Golf Croquet may be played by two players (singles) or four players (pairs) competing over a short course of nine hoops or a longer course of thirteen hoops. For further information, see Competitive play.