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Meeting 27 September 2016

At its 27th September meeting the Club Committee considered the following issues:

  • Noted that HMRC had registered the company (Old College Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club Limited ) as a Community Amateur Sports Club, a status which brings significant advantages for the Club.
  • Noted that the financial position remained strong but there had been a drop in income from both subscriptions and other sources. The Committee agreed actions to look further at this situation, and will work with the Tennis Committee. There is a seasonal flow of new and departing members. However the number of new members is lower than in previous years for the same periods of time. The Committee will use the December Santa Tournament as one step in a drive to attract new members
  • Amended the Management Policy to permit a representative of Croquet to sit on the Finance Committee, rather than stipulating the Croquet Treasurer. .
  • Decided not to hold a formal Dinner Dance in 2017 but will consider alternative proposals for a Club-wide social event at its next meeting
  • Reviewed a proposal to introduce smart cards for use in the bar, but noted the difficulties of properly staffing such a system Further work on this will be done.

Meeting 16 August 2016

At its 16th August meeting the Club Committee considered the following issues:

  • Approved the appointment of Jo Cheung as Treasurer.
  • Amending the Management Policy to permit the appointment of a Club member who is not a Committee member, as Chair of the Bar Committee. Andrew Sedcole has been appointed to this important role.
  • Agreed a budget of up to £27000 for the resurfacing of courts 1 and 2. This work will take place in April 2017. The courts will be out of action for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Agreed to take out Directors’ Insurance now that the Club is company limited by guarantee.
  • Approved a programme of work to improve the attractiveness and informativeness of the website.
  • Noted the application to HMRC to register the Club as a Community Amateur Sports Club, now that it is a company. (This has since been accepted).
  • Noted the amendment of the company’s accounting year, to enable the Club to continue to use its traditional accounting year (1 October to 30 September).
  • Reviewed the Club’s healthy financial position, but noted the need to look closely at non-member revenue.

Meeting 23 February 2016

At its 23rd February meeting the Club Committee considered the following issues:


  • Approved the recommendation from the Head Coach sub-committee that Chris Barker should be appointed as Head Coach, in succession to Jon Modica.
  • Agreed expenditure of £500 to level a sunken corner of the Croquet Lawn.
  • Agreed to widen the remit of the Tennis Conduct Committee to cover wider Club behavioural issues, and to rename the Committee as the Conduct Committee, with the Chairs of both the Tennis and Croquet Committees as members and the Club Chair withdrawing from it. Appropriate amendments to the Management Policy and the Tennis Use of Courts Policy were approved.
  • Approved an updated Finance Policy.
  • Noted progress on the plan to floodlight courts 6 and 7.
  • Approved final preparations for the Club AGM on 8th March

Meeting 19 January 2016

The Club committee met on 19th of January and considered the following:

  • Subscriptions for 2016/17. It approved the following rates, which fall within the guidelines of Club Rule 5.5.5 (the Subscription Cap) and do not need to be submitted to the AGM for approval.




Joining Fee





Peak £220 £225 £50 £50
Off-Peak £156 £160 £50 £50
Improver £130 £132 £50 £50
Young Adult (19-25) £70 £72 Waived Waived
M25/Coaches £82 £85 Waived Waived
Temporary (max. 6 weeks) £74 £75 N/A N/A
Juniors (9-18) £44 £45 Waived Waived
Minis (6-8) £28 £28 Nil Nil
Croquet £164 £166 Waived Waived
Guest – Adult £5 £5 N/A N/A
Guest – Junior £2 £2 N/A N/A
Social £20 £20 Nil Nil
  •  Noted that the first meeting of the Board of Old College Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club Limited had taken place that evening. The transition from the unincorporated entity to the incorporated entity will occur on 1 April 2016.
  • Agreed an honorarium of £200 for the Clubhouse cleaner who is leaving after 27 years.
  • Discussed the planned Practice Area with the project leader, Justin Elcombe.
  • Noted the completion of the new Croquet Pavilion and approved £130 + materials for painting and £180 for additional paving.
  • Approved £100 for the installation of the new cycle racks.
  • Agreed to widen the remit of the present Tennis Conduct Committee to be club wide, for it to be renamed, and for the Chairs of both Tennis and Croquet to be on the committee.

Meeting 15 December 2015

At its 15th December meeting the Club Committee considered the following issues:

  • The 2016 AGM will be held on Tuesday 8th
  • The Club Dinner Dance will be held on Saturday 27th February 2016.
  • Agreed to use an external consultant to manage the approval process for floodlights on Courts 6 and 7, at a cost of £800.
  • Had a preliminary discussion on the Wear & Tear Fund as well as subscriptions for 2016/17. The Committee now awaits recommendations from the Finance Committee.
  • Considered the next steps for the incorporation of the Club as a company limited by guarantee.
  • Noted that work on the new Croquet Pavilion would begin on 11th January 2016.
  • Noted that new cycle racks would be installed on the grass area between the two gates.
  • Approved the process for selecting and appointing a new Head Tennis Coach

Meeting 10 November 2015

At its 10th November meeting the Club Committee considered the following issues:

  • Noted the Treasurer’s preliminary report on the 2014/15 accounts, which showed a surplus of £33,000 and the Club in a very healthy financial position.
  • Accepted a quotation to replace the Croquet Pavilion (which is in a very poor condition), with a budget of £7,000.
  • Agreed a £200 budget for an outreach programme to comply with the LTA’s Tennismark accreditation requirements.
  • Agreed to erect a display cabinet for the Club’s trophies and memorabilia in the Clubhouse.
  • Amended the Club’s Art Policy to allow for a 5% commission on any works sold as a result of Club exhibitions, to cover costs.
  • Moved forward planning for the Annual Dinner Dance and agreed that the charity for the event should be the Samaritans.
  • Asked the Tennis Committee to pursue an offer by Danny Sapsford to hold a further Tennis Circus in September.

Meeting 11 August 2015

The Club Committee met on 11th August and considered the following:

  • Surrey LTA Council: the Committee is nominating David Cianfarani (currently Chair of Surrey LTA Council) and Joy Jackson for membership of this Council in 2016.
  • TennisMark: The Committee agreed an outreach programme to meet the standards demanded by the LTA’s TennisMark benchmark, this will include an Open Day on Sunday 27th September 2015, another Open Day next year as part of the LTA’s Great British Tennis Weekend, and the further development of relationships with local schools.
  • Finances: The Committee noted the Club’s healthy financial position, with income increasing faster than costs.
  • Incorporation: The Committee agreed to hold a Clubhouse meeting on 13th September, open to all members, to discuss incorporation of Old College as a company limited by guarantee, to be followed by an Extraordinary General Meeting on 19th November. The draft articles and how these effect the Club Rules will be circulated in advance of the 13th September meeting.

Meeting 17 June 2015

The Club Committee met on 17th June and considered the following:

  • Chair of the Tennis Committee: The Club Committee accepted Jonathan Pearson’s decision to step down as Chair of the Tennis Committee and appointed Mark Alderson to succeed him.
  • Tennis Use of Courts Policy was updated to ratify the decision of the Tennis Committee to set the standard for Advanced as any player equivalent to or better than Surrey Ladies Division 21.
  • TennisMark: To match the requirements set by the LTA’s new TennisMark standard, the Committee approved new or updated policies on Recruitment, Health and Safety, Recording and Publishing Images, and Safeguarding Adults at Risk.
  • Open Day: The Committee set up a working group to prepare a proposal on an Open Day and an outreach programme, also necessary for TennisMark.
  • Practice Area: The Vice Chair reported on progress on the proposed Practice Area/Hitting Wall.
  • Incorporation: It was agreed to hold a Clubhouse meeting, open to all members, to discuss plans to incorporate Old College as company limited by guarantee. Draft Articles of Association and draft Club Rules are in preparation and will be circulated in advance of this meeting.


Meeting 12 May 2015

The Club Committee met on 12 May and considered the following issues:

  • Independent Examiner’s Report: The Committee invited Jo Cheung, the Independent Examiner, to the meeting and discussed management of project expenditure, substantiating of expenditure, and the payment for cleaning services.
  • Renewals: The Committee noted the satisfactory number of members renewing their subscriptions, as well as a high number of new joiners.
  • Projects: The Committee considered issues relating to the proposed practice area and hitting wall. It hopes to consider the design options at its next meeting. It also agreed to initiate a project to seek planning permission for floodlights on courts 6 and 7.
  • Art Display Policy: This was agreed and is available on the website for those who wish to read it.
  • Management Policy: The Committee agreed an update of this policy to include a role description for the Club Welfare Officer.
  • Data Protection Policy: Amendments to the Data Protection Policy were approved, to address the inappropriate use of the Club’s Members’ Directory to advertise personal items and to send out unauthorised mails that look official on Club issues.
  • TennisMark: The Committee decided to work to achieve the LTA’s TennisMark+ standard, and commissioned the Executive Secretary to lead work to achieve this.

Meeting 11 March 2015

The Club Committee met on 11 March and considered among other things the following issues:

  • The Committee appointed Nigel Thorpe as Executive Secretary and Dan Cameron as Treasurer.
  • The Committee approved amendments to the Management Policy to take account of the creation of the Old College Art Committee to manage and arrange the exhibition of member’s art in the Clubhouse.
  • The Committee also approved amendments to the Tennis Team Selection Policy, recording that the Chair of Tennis will now routinely be invited to team selection meetings; and to clarify that the highest ranked players are assigned to the Club’s first team which will in turn play in the highest division for that season that the Club has allocated to it, and so forth.
  • Budgets were approved for a coach led Thursday night Club Play session and a possible Sunday afternoon family Club Play session. The issue now goes to the Tennis Committee to decide if, and how, such a session would be managed.
  • There was discussion about plans for a replacement Croquet shelter, with a budget of £4000 agreed for this.
  • The Committee welcomed the successful introduction of the GoCardless payment system for subscriptions and tournament entries.

Meeting 13 January 2015

The Club Committee met on 13 January and considered among other things the following issues:

Category Subscription2014/15 Subscription2015/16 Joining fee2015/16
Peak – Advanced £216 £220 £50
Peak – Intermediate £186 £220 £50
Peak – Improver £124 £130 £50
Off-Peak £156 £156 £50
Young Adult £68 £70 £50 but waived
Outside M25 £80 £82 £50
Coaches £80 £82 £50 but waived
Temporary (max. 6 weeks) £72 £74 n/a
Juniors £42 £44 nil
Minis £26 £28 nil
Social £16 £20 nil
Guest – Adult £4 £5 n/a
Guest – Junior £2 £2 n/a
Member £160 £164 £50 but waived
Social £20 £20 nil
Guest £4 £5 n/a

The increases in the Peak Intermediate and Social Tennis subs are in excess of the sub cap and so these are subject to a vote at the AGM.

  • The text of the resolutions to be put to the AGM were agreed.
  • The Committee authorised remedial work on the Clubhouse electrical system.
  • The Committee also agreed to a proposal to display artwork by members in the Clubhouse

Meeting 22 December 2014

  • It was agreed that the Charity for the raffle at the Club Dinner Dance should be the local Samaritans group.
  • The Go Cardless system for on-line payments is to be adopted, hopefully in time for the 2015 renewals. This will significantly lighten the burden on the Director Membership at this very busy time.
  • A presentation on the proposal to incorporate the Club as a company limited by guarantee will be given at the AGM.
  • There was further discussion about the level of subscriptions for 2015/16, and the Committee asked the Finance Sub-Committee to take this forward with a view to decision at the 13 January Club Committee meeting.

Meeting 21 October 2014

The Club Committee decided:

  • In the light of the responses to the Club Members’ Survey there was insufficient demand to justify the renting of indoor court space at Dulwich College Sports Club this winter. This did not affect the longer term issue of considering the provision of covered courts.
  • To attempt to achieve Tennismark+ status with the LTA, under the new Tennismark rating that is replacing Clubmark.
  • To update the Management Policy to reflect the creation of the Club’s Social Committee and the process for nominating candidates for Surrey LTA Councillors.
  • The Committee resolved to propose to Members at the 2015 AGM that the Club simplify the tennis club-play membership categories to just full and improver (i.e. to remove the intermediate club-play category). Further details on this proposal for Members to consider will be sent out shortly.

Meeting 16 September

The Club Committee:

  • Approved the updating of the Management Policy to take account of the creation of the post of Director Club Managed Sessions.
  • Reviewed the projects it plans to complete by the February 2015 AGM, including:
    • Revision of the Finance Policy
    • Undertaking various works in the Clubhouse and on the pathway lights
    • Developing a plan to replace the present Croquet shelter
    • Exploring the possibility of a ramp to provide wheelchair access to the Clubhouse
    • Setting up a Social Sub-Committee
    • Continuation of work on incorporating the Club as a company limited by guarantee, with a view to presenting a proposal to the AGM
    • Preparation of a proposal to permit payment of subscriptions by GoCardless.

Meeting 19 August 2014

The following decisions were taken:

  • Charities Policy: The Committee agreed a policy for handling proposals from Members to use Club facilities to raise money for charities. The Policy can be viewed on the website (go to ‘About Us’ and then to ‘Club Policies’).
  • Non-Member Tennis Visits: The Committee agreed to set a daily charge for prospective members of £4 for adults and £2 for those under 19 years as at 31 August in the subscription year which runs from 1 April to 31 March. Visitors can play with a Member on up to five occasions, have up to five private coaching sessions and play in up to five drop-in coaching session in any one subscription year. Children who are not members can take part in one tennis camp and one coaching course.
  • Managed Saturday afternoon Tennis Club Play: The Committee approved the funds to support the management of the Saturday afternoon advanced Club Play tennis session by Jon Modica, who will arrange fours so that players can expect to play in at least a couple of good competitive sets and some more social, where a player may be the ‘better player’ for others.
  • Member Survey: The Committee considered the results of the recent member survey conducted by Rosie Allen the Member Representative and agreed to share these results with Members.
  • Development Strategy: The Committee considered the summary prepared by Jeremy Labram the Club Vice Chair of the proposed long-term development strategy and agreed to share this with Members for feedback.

Meeting 14 July 2014

The Committee reviewed the long term development of the Club, on the basis of a presentation by the Vice Chair, Jeremy Labram, and agreed the following.

  • To ask Jeremy to form a project team to develop a detailed proposal for a practice/warm up area (including a hitting wall and one or more mini-tennis courts) to be put to the Committee.
  • To negotiate with Dulwich College Sports Club to rent one indoor tennis court from September 2014 to April 2015 for two hours a week, to test interest in covered court tennis. This would be partially subsidised by the Club.
  • To prepare a summary version of the development plan for communication and feedback from the membership.

Meeting 24 June 2014

The Committee noted the new contracts now signed with all four coaches and continued discussion of the proposed development strategy for the Club which is being led by Jeremy Labram. In addition the Committee:

  • Ageed to renew the Clubhouse insurance policy with Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company.
  • Decided to install additional cycle racks by the Coaches’ Garage.
  • Planned work to inform members about the use of the recently purchased defibrillator unit, now installed in the Clubhouse, and to arrange training..
  • Approved arrangements for a wine tasting evening for Club volunteers on 19 July.

Meeting 13 May 2014

The following decisions were taken:

  • To hold a special meeting to consider development projects for the Club;
  • To continue work on a proposed survey of members’ views;
  • Approved expenditure of £12,870 for Courts and Grounds Maintenance over the coming year;
  • Approved updates to the Management and Alcohol Age Verification Policies. The updated policies may be consulted on the website.

Meeting 29 October 2013

The following decisions were taken:

  • Approved the report of the IT Working Group and its recommendations for developing the Club’s website, based on WordPress but still using some features of the present MyCourts system; for using MailChimp as the new email system; for an electronic archiving system based on Wuala; and for an on-line payments system using GoCardless.
  • To proceed with a short-term refurbishment of the Clubhouse interior.
  • To create the role of Facilities Manager and to begin advertising for candidates for this post. The Committee expressed its thanks to Caroline Periton for her work as Clubhouse Manager.
  • Approved an Alcohol Licence Age Verification Policy


Meeting 8 October 2013

The following decisions were taken:

  • Approved the budget and plan for repositioning the floodlights on courts 4 and 5, and laying cabling for possible floodlights on court 6.
  • Agreed to nominate Joy Jackson and David Cianfarani as candidates for Councillors on the Surrey LTA Council
  • Approved the budget and proposal to fit a mechanical keypad and lock to the new Club pedestrian entrance gates so that these gates can be used as the main entrance to the Club.

Nigel Thorpe
Executive Secretary