Club Security

Last to leave the club?

Please please can you ensure that

  • The floodlights are completely switched off – not just timed out at 9:30 pm
  • All the windows are closed
  • The alarm is on
  • You lock the door, using the Chubb lock

If the alarm is triggered or you have a problem with the alarm, please contact either Matt Cowie (07838 251866) or Simon Godfrey (07768444992).

If you don’t have the key to the clubhouse, please contact Matt to get one.

Members’ Bikes

For your protection make sure that your bike is kept locked at all times. Intruders can easily ride away with your bike before you could ever get to them from your court.

Looking after the club

Your assistance is greatly appreciated…..


  • Wipe your feet before going on court
  • Avoid kicking stones onto the court from the drainage gutters – these can severely damage the courts, especially in hot weather
  • Sweep courts 4 and 5 (if dry) after playing (and leave the drag net on the court surface in a corner)
  • Loosen the nets after you have played
  • Take the balls, jugs, cups and litter off court after you have played


  • Use the recycling containers in the clubhouse
  • Keep the kitchen clean and tidy and do your washing up

Thank you

Director Clubhouse and Grounds