Team Captain – Job Description

Overall Responsibilities

  • Dealing with squad member availability and fixtures
  • Arranging matches and logistics
  • Marshalling your squads for coach-led practice on specific Monday evenings
  • Reporting on progress to the Men’s, Ladies, and Mixed Captains as appropriate
  • Ensuring that we instill a winning, highly competitive attitude but always ready for a beer or a cup of tea afterwards
  • Above all making team tennis for your squad invigorating, fun and ‘FIT+W’.

Match Responsibilities

  • Encourage good ‘team spirit’, foster cordial relations with opposition teams and be an ambassador for the club
  • Arrange match dates with opposition team captains
  • Notify team members of match dates and locations in advance of season commencement and record on the intranet site
  • Secure an allocation or courts and new balls for home matches
  • Make go/no-go match decisions in consultation with opposition team captain and give team members reasonable notice of any cancellations
  • Ensure courts are safe for play, e.g. surface not slippery, old balls removed, bags or other items not interfering with playing area
  • Ensure that the net is the right height
  • Reach agreement with opposing team captain should weather conditions mean courts become unsafe during course of play
  • Ensure match is entered on Surrey LTA web-site
  • At home matches provide refreshments and make opposing team aware of any health and safety issues
  • Familiarise with the location of the first aid box and ice packs
  • Gather input and liaise with club captain and coaches on requests for coaching and training for squads

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