We are a very friendly Croquet club in Gallery Road, Dulwich, near the Dulwich Gallery and a short walk from Dulwich. Our aim is to provide a pleasant sporting environment combining a social atmosphere with an appropriate level of friendly competition.

We play Golf Croquet only, which is easier to learn and more sociable than the Association game. No prior experience is necessary. Golf Croquet may be played by two players (singles) or four players (pairs) competing over a short course of nine hoops or a longer course of thirteen hoops.

For any further details about joining, to tell us when you plan to come to a club session or for other information about Old College Croquet please contact:


We have one good quality croquet lawn maintained to a high standard by outside contractors. We have recently invested in infrastructure improvements and an irrigation system.

The Croquet lawn is sheltered and secluded, being mainly surrounded by mature trees and maintained grounds, over-looking the tennis courts and in sight of Dulwich Gallery. Overall Old College provides a beautiful setting, within easy walking distance of local amenities, convenient for transport and with parking.


Hoops, a good range of mallets and balls are provided by the Club. More experienced players will normally acquire their own mallet, but this is not essential.


For normal Club sessions there is no dress code apart from flat-soled shoes. Whites or partial whites may be used for inter-club matches.

Playing Times

The season begins at the end of March and normally runs to the end of October.

During the season all members are welcome to play in Club sessions at the following times every week:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 2pm
  • Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 2pm

Groups may arrange to play outside of regular sessions but not on days of those regular sessions.

On Bank Holiday Mondays  we hold Club Days starting at 11am playing through to about 3pm. On these occasions many people bring picnic lunches.


Reflecting the friendly nature of the Club, social activities play an important part in our membership offer.

These take place all year round. Sometimes they are used for fund-raising.

Summer events
On Bank Holiday Mondays we hold Club Days starting at 11am playing through to about 3pm. On these occasions many people bring picnic lunches.

On several evenings in the summer Croquet is followed by wine, pate and cheese in the Clubhouse.

Winter events
Although Croquet is a summer sport, we also organise events in the winter months. The annual dinner is usually held at the Dulwich and Sydenham Golf Club at the beginning of December.

Table tennis is usually played in the clubhouse during the winter months on a Tuesday afternoon from 2pm.

Competitive Play

There are three Club tournaments each year, which are a good introduction to more competitive play.

Ordinarily our members do not hold handicaps and all games, including tournaments, are “level play”. Those interested in obtaining a handicap, in order, for example, to enter external tournaments or leagues, should speak to a committee member.

Inter-club matches
Friendly matches are played home and away with other local clubs.

Old College Croquet is affiliated to the Croquet Association (see here) and a part of the South East Croquet Federation. For further information on the SECF, see here.

It isn’t difficult to learn the game and reach a reasonable proficiency, but if you want to improve, coaching sessions are arranged periodically and are open to all members. Coaching sessions can also be arranged through the South East Croquet Federation (see above).


New members are welcome, however the Croquet section is limited to adults only.
If you are interested please arrange to come to a Club session by contacting a Club Contact and choosing one of our Playing Times. Members present will get you started and introduce you both to the enjoyment of the game and to other members.

Entry to the Club is via a gate with key pad security so it will be necessary to let us know when you will be coming so that we can let you in.
If you have any questions or would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact a Club Contact.


The Annual Croquet Sub is £188.
Click here to download the Croquet Application Form

This year we are waiving the joining fee of £50 for new members.

Tournament entry and certain social events involve a small extra amount.

Old College joint Croquet and Tennis members are entitled to a significant reduction on their combined subscriptions.