Congratulations to all the winners and runners up in the 2016 Old College Open, Vets, Juniors and Minis championships!  The results are below and scroll down for some fabulous shots of the day taken by David Lischka and Giovanna Lalli.

Men’s singles: Will Skidelsky def. Chris Barker
Ladies singles: Ellie Hristova def. Mahvash Tavassoli
Men’s doubles: George Cockbill & Ben Randall def. Hamid Irshad & Will Skidelsky
Ladies doubles: Alyson Holder &  Liz Rowland def. Jane Buswell & Mahvash Tavassoli
Mixed doubles: Chris Barker & Katy Nicholson-Lord def. Matt Cowie & Jane Buswell

Men’s singles: Hamid Irshad def. Peter Higgs
Ladies singles: Alyson Fox def. Vicky Flind
Men’s doubles: Peter Higgs & Patrick Mears def. Conor Finegan & Hamid Irshad
Ladies doubles: Alyson Fox & Aruna Iyengar def. Alison O’Mahony & Anne Traynor
Mixed doubles: Patrick Mears & Alison O’Mahony def. Peter Higgs & Aruna Iyengar

11 & under: Blake Morris-Jones def. Jasper Callaway
13 & under: Zack Morris-Jones def. Jasper Callaway
15 & under: Miles Speer def. Freddie Coghill
18 & under: Felix Suther-Jones def. Miles Speer

Reds: 1st James Casey, 2nd Ethan Osbourne and 3rd Doanh Cat
Oranges: 1st Tristan Saunders, 2nd Matteo Cranchi and 3rd Zak Gregory
Greens: 1st Giulia Lesa, 2nd Otis Stuart and 3rd Kit Parry